OT-World is back and soon opens its doors to the public

Only a few days left before this year's OT-World opens its doors to the public.
Only a few days left before this year's OT-World opens its doors to the public.

Exhibitors From All Over The World Present Themselves In Leipzig

After the last OT-World had to be cancelled due to Corona, this year exhibitors, trade visitors and interested people from all over the world will again be drawn to Leipzig. Between May 10 and 13, OT-World will open its doors and become the stage for everything that is interesting for amputees. For a few days, Leipzig will be the center of the world for everything related to orthopedic technology, aids and rehabilitation. And when I look at the program and hear what's in the works on social networks, it's going to be a great few days.



OT-Wold - Connecting Worlds

The organizers praise the trade fair as follows: "OT-World is the largest and internationally leading industry meeting place for all manufacturers, distributors and service providers in the field of modern assistive technology. In the global growth market, it brings together all those who provide care at the interface between people and technology. In its unique combination of world congress and leading world trade fair, OT World brings together experts and interested parties from all five continents every two years and, as the most important innovation and dialog platform, sets the standards in the various areas of care."


Well then we are curious. If you want to find out more, you can visit the organizers' website.


Post by Bjoern Eser, the founder of and shaker and maker behind The Active Amputee.


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