Bjoern Eser - The creator of The Active Amputee
Bjoern Eser - The creator of The Active Amputee

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I am Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee. I am a father of three amazing children, a husband to an equally amazing wife, a thankful cancer survivor, an outdoor enthusiast, a passionate development practitioner and a very active above-the-knee amputee.


I have set up The Active Amputee as a resource page from amputees for amputees. It aims to inform, it aims to inspire and it aims to engage. Nothing more and nothing less. It‘s as simple as that.


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What Else Is New?

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ May 26, 2021 ⎮ Inform

OttoBock's 3R80

Looking through my analytics from this side, I noticed that a review I did of OttoBock's 3R80 some time back still attracts loads of interest from the audience. So I though I re-publish this article, make it easier to find, and thus bring it back to people's attention. Learn more about the 3R80 and for whom this leg might be a great choice. read more

Guest post by Kim Cremer ⎮ May 12, 2021 ⎮ Inform & engage

Peer support systems and education

Today I have the pleasure of posting an article from Kim Cremer's blog 'Life goes on, even with a limp'. Many of you probably know Kim aka Kimii.b.c from Instagram. Kim and I plan to do collaborate every now and then over the coming months. And today's post is the kick-off for this new cooperation. And it sheds light on the need for a peer support system and more honest education for amputees at the very beginning of their journey. read more

Gast Beitrag von Kim Cremer ⎮ May 12, 2021 ⎮ Inform & engage

Peers und Aufklärung

Heute habe ich das Vergnügen, einen Artikel aus Kim Cremers Blog 'Das Leben geht weiter, auch wenn es humpelt' zu posten. Viele von euch kennen Kim aka Kimii.b.c wahrscheinlich von Instagram. Kim und ich haben vor, in den kommenden Monaten ab und zu zusammenzuarbeiten. Und der heutige Beitrag ist der Startschuss für diese neue Kollaboration. Und er wirft ein Licht auf die Notwendigkeit eines Peer-Support-Systems und ehrlicherer Aufklärung für Amputierte, die noch ganz am Anfang ihrer Reise stehen. read more

Gast-Beitrag von Stella Pocher ⎮ May 5, 2021 ⎮ Inform & engage

Standphasen-unterstützende Übungen aus der Gehschule

Das Gehen ist ein komplexes Zusammenspiel von Bewegungen der Gelenke, der Muskelaktivität und der Wahrnehmung der einzelnen Körperpositionen. Ein Gangzyklus setzt sich aus Standphase (60%) und Schwungphase (40%) zusammen. Ein zentraler Punkt in der Gehschule ist die neu zu erlernende Verlagerung des Körperschwerpunktes zur Prothesenseite, um eine sichere Standphase während des Gehens zu ermöglichen. read more

Guest post by Jonathan Naber ⎮ April 7, 2021 ⎮ Inform, inspire & engage

Recycle for mobility 

There is great inequality in the worldwide distribution of prosthetic components: The supply is worst in populations with the highest need. It’s tragic that so many components are oversupplied in higher-income countries while countless people in lower- and middle-income countries remain immobilized by the lack of components. The solution to improving supply doesn’t lie in catchy ‘appropriate technology for the poor’. Instead it lies in improved access to components that already exist. To achieve this we must all be part of the solution: We must all choose to recycle for mobility.  read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ March 10, 2021 ⎮ Inform & inspire

Women who challenge stereotypes 

Inspired by this year’s theme of the International Women’s Day, I have chosen five women with a limb difference who I follow on social media. I must admit that unfortunately I only met one of them in person and only had the on and off contact with two others. But my impression is that they regularly choose to challenge themselves as well as the world around them. And as this year’s theme states: From challenge comes change. And change - lasting, positive social change - is something this planet really needs. So enjoy learning more about these amazing women. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ March 3, 2021 ⎮ Inform & inspire

My new hiking project is finally taking off 

This new project of mine has been in the making for long. Far too long actually, if you ask me. But it looks as if I can soon move from thinking about it to actually getting started with it. Finally. And more than a year behind schedule. Honestly, I can’t wait to get going. But wait a minute; what am I actually talking about? Well…. I am talking about a new walking project of mine. A project I have been playing around with for some time. A project have been changing over and over again until it finally felt right. A project that might take up to two years to complete. read more

Guest post by Wendi Locatelli ⎮ February 17, 2021 ⎮ Inform & inspire

Life after sepsis 

Today I am re-publishing one of the most-read articles on my blog. Since this post was first published about two years ago, Wendi's honest and life-affirming report has found an ever-increasing audience. Wendi is a sepsis survivor and quadruple amputee. And she openly talks about her physical, mental and emotional challenges. As this has been such an important source of information for many - especially young - people with a limb difference, I decided to publish Wendi's post again. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ February 10, 2021 ⎮ Inform, inspire & engage

12 months, 12 challenges, all of them involving the number 50 

The headline says it all. Well, almost all, that is. This year I am turning 50. It's still a few months down the line - end of September, to be precise - and I thought that's a great incentive to take on a few extra challenges this year. And after some soul searching and some playing around with a wide range of possible options I have settled on the following: In 2021 I will take on one additional challenge per month. And each and every one of these challenges will centre around the number 50. What could this look like? Well, the details are further down below. And some ideas of how to get involved. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 27, 2021 ⎮ Inform, inspire & engage

Traveling with a limb difference 

Traveling is great fun. But from my own experience I also know that traveling as a person with a limb difference can be scary. You are leaving an environment you know, an environment which often has been adapted to your needs and your level of mobility, an environment which is accessible. And instead you are heading for the unknown. That is why The Active Amputee kicks off the new year with a new service: Hands-on travel advice, making it easier for people with a limb difference to travel far and wide and with confidence. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 20, 2021 ⎮ Inform

USB-charger: Another game changer for active amputees

Yes, finally it’s out. The USB charging device from OttoBock to charge its microprocessor knees. This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. And looking back at the last 20odd years, this device will be up there among the few items which really broke new grounds for active amputees. After the introduction of microprocessor knees and the first fully waterproof microprocessor devices this charger is another big step to be fully independent. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 13, 2021 ⎮ Inform, inspire & engage

Welcome back to 2021 

Happy new year to you all. I hope you had a nice and peaceful Christmas break and a good start into the new year. I hope 2021 will be a good year for all of you. And with the first article of 2021 I would like to give you a quick overview of what I have been up to, what is on my list for the coming weeks, and where I would love to get you involved. So.... drum roll please! read more


In the inform section, you will find information about a range of issues amputees regularly have to deal with. Expect issues ranging from handling phantom pain to new developments in the prosthetic sector, from being an amputee parent to finding the right prosthetic cover etc. Anything that helps to make informed choices and make life as an amputee easier.


In the inspire section, you will find exciting stories from other amputees. Expect travel reports and biographies from amputee adventurers, interviews with people who took on special challenges and stories about creative approaches to live a rewarding life as an amputee.


In the engage section, you will find information about special events for amputees, opportunities to try out something new, links to other organisations, information about support options and funding - and invitations to take part in one of the regular The Active Amputee challenges.