Bjoern Eser - The creator of The Active Amputee
Bjoern Eser - The creator of The Active Amputee

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The Active Amputee

I am Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee. I am a father of three amazing children, a husband to an equally amazing wife, a thankful cancer survivor, an outdoor enthusiast, a passionate development practitioner and a very active above-the-knee amputee.


I have set up The Active Amputee as a resource page from amputees for amputees. It aims to inform, it aims to inspire and it aims to engage. Nothing more and nothing less. It‘s as simple as that.


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What Else Is New?

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 19, 2022 ⎮ Inform

Newsletters and which ones to sign up to

There are plenty am newsletters out there. And it can be overwhelming to find the right balance between staying in the loop on new developments and other relevant information while not being bombarded with countless mail piling up in our inboxes. So to make things easier for you and decide which newsletter you really need, I had a look at a whole range of publications, assessed their content for relevance and quality of information, and then eliminated one after another from my list so that in the end there was only one newsletter left. And this is the winner. read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 12, 2022 ⎮ Inform

Tragic loss for our community: Marsha Danzig 1962-2022

The year started with a huge loss for the global amputee community. Marsha Danzig passed away. Marsha has been a pioneer when it comes to yoga for amputees as well as general healthy for mind, body, and soul for people with limb differences. Her classes as well as her book ‚Yoga for Amputees‘ have been an invitation to so many of us to start our journey towards - in Marsha’s words - what amputees want :“Physical freedom, a relaxed psyche, and a feeling of calm in the face of uncertainty.” read more

Post by Bjoern Eser ⎮ January 5, 2022 ⎮ Inform

In transition - Welcome 2022

Hello you lovely lot. Greetings from the Bergische Land in German. I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas time, were able to enjoy some peaceful days with family and loved ones, and had a good start into the new year. May 2022 be a good year, a peaceful year, a year with just the right balance of quality time at home and mind-boggling adventures out in the wild. Be healthy, be happy - all the rest is background music. read more


In the inform section, you will find information about a range of issues amputees regularly have to deal with. Expect issues ranging from handling phantom pain to new developments in the prosthetic sector, from being an amputee parent to finding the right prosthetic cover etc. Anything that helps to make informed choices and make life as an amputee easier.


In the inspire section, you will find exciting stories from other amputees. Expect travel reports and biographies from amputee adventurers, interviews with people who took on special challenges and stories about creative approaches to live a rewarding life as an amputee.


In the engage section, you will find information about special events for amputees, opportunities to try out something new, links to other organisations, information about support options and funding - and invitations to take part in one of the regular The Active Amputee challenges.