Quinn Brett must-watch movies

Watching the movies about Quinn Brett.
Watching the movies about Quinn Brett.

Being Active After A Life-Changing Accident

Today I want to draw your attention to Quinn Brett, an athlete, a public speaker, and advocate for public lands and recreational accessibility. Quinn and I never met. Not in real life, not online. We don't know each other. But I have been following her on various social media platforms for some time. Watching her journey of recovery after a life-changing accident - although only from afar - has been a constant reminder to me to appreciate life and live it to the fullest. She has been one of the motivating influences for me in recent years to keep on pushing my boundaries and be active outdoors.  With Quinn's new movie coming out this week, I thought it's time I draw your attention to Quinn. So lean back and enjoy the following links to learn more about her. 


The Moment That Changed Everything

Mid-October 2017 in Yosemite. Quinn and her climbing partner are on El Capitan when it happened: A moment's lack of attention, a 120-foot fall, hitting a ledge. Quinn sustains multiple severe injuries, among them a broken spinal cord that left her paralyzed.


Initially this seemed to be the end of her active and adventurous lifestyle in the great outdoors of North America. But life is not always what it seems.


So over time, with great effort, and after many trial and error approaches Quinn finds new ways  to be mobile in the wilderness. She manages to return to the place of her accident to confront her past, and re-engage with the beauty of what remains.


The following movies and articles allow us to witness her journey.


An Accidental Life


The Divide

And In Her Own Words

And if these short videos triggered your interest and you want to learn more about Quinn - and do so in her own words -, then the following articles are a great way to start:


Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.


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