Movao - A community platform for people with limb differences

Creating a community for amputees to inform, support, and encourage them to be active.
Creating a community for amputees to inform, support, and encourage them to be active.

OttoBock Launches A New Community Platform

With Movao, there is now a new community platform where amputees and their families can connect locally and globally with like-minded people about similar interests and challenges. An amputation is a major event. Saying goodbye to a body part has a major impact, both physically and mentally. People have to find a way to reshape their life. Movao is a community where amputees come together to help each other, share experiences, and get inspiration. It focusses on making everyday things attainable, achieving personal goals, and growing as a community. To do so, the platform offers informative content and personal stories around the topic of amputation. There are online and offline events, a sport group and much more. In the forum people can ask the community or contact other members directly via chat. If you or a family member of yours is affected by limb loss, you are invited to become part of the Movao. Register here and join today!


Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.


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