The Active Amputee Weekend Edition - Five pictures and me - Erin Ball

Five pictures and me: Erin, the double amputee circus artist, here during the first duo trapeze show of LEGacy Circus (picture by Tim Miller, courtesy of Erin Ball).
Five pictures and me: Erin, the double amputee circus artist, here during the first duo trapeze show of LEGacy Circus (picture by Tim Miller, courtesy of Erin Ball).

A Passion For The Circus

Losing both legs is a major challenge for any person. Even more so when you are a circus artist. Erin Ball struggled hard until embracing her new reality led to a fireworks of creativity. Her amputations are now an integral part of her show. And through her teaching and coaching Erin has opened up the circus world for many others with disabilities. Read her full story here. And get to know more about Erin through this month's edition of 'Five Pictures and Me'. 


Telling Stories Of No Feet, Two Feet, So Many Feet

Erin's anniversary photoshoot at the spot where she was lost in the woods.


Photo by Michael East Photography. 

Marshmallow roasting legs.


Photo by Stroesser Photography. 

Vanessa Furlong and Erin Ball of LEGacy Circus at the St John's International CircusFest.


Photo by Alick Tsui Photography.

Cover photo for Thrive magazine for amputees. 


Photo by Kaylens Photography.

Amputees that Erin has taught circus to.

Guest post by Erin Ball. Erin is a professional circus artist and coach. She lives mostly in Kingston, Ontario and part-time in Toronto. Erin has been a double below knee amputee since 2014. You can learn more about Erin and her amzing work on Instagram, Facebook or on the homepage of Kingston Circus Art and LEGacy Circus

Further Reading

Five pictures and me: Patrice Meaume


Patrice was born different, without his right hand. With a family and friends who accepted him the way he was, normal but with only one hand, he felt lucky. Throughout his life he quickly realized that having only one hand raises questions and provokes dialogue. So he chose a career in communication and became an art director. The creative field enabled him to see that often people with disabilities were represented in extremes. So Patrice decided to develop illustrations representing people with disabilities living normally, defending his pro-active and optimistic vision of disability: People with disabilities are different, but it's normal to be different!

Coaching aerial to lower limb amputees


Erin Ball has been studying and training in circus arts for over ten years. Several years later, she began coaching. In 2014, Erin became a double below knee amputee. Her circus practice changed, and eventually her teaching did as well. Erin has since worked with many amputees to achieve their dreams of exploring aerial arts. Eventually, Flying Footless, a course for aerial coaches of lower limb amputees, was born. read more

Erin, the double amputee circus artist 


June 12, 2014 was the day Erin had both of her lower legs removed. It took her eight months after that to accept it and to imagine that a life was still possible. Then she had to wrap her head around believing that her life could be one that she actually wanted to live. Before her accident Erin had been a circus artist. Her career was just starting to take off and everything that she did required feet, or so she thought. read more