The launch of Ottobock's new Genium X4

Testing the new Genium X4 in the Austrian Alps (picture courtesy of Ottobock)
Testing the new Genium X4 in the Austrian Alps (picture courtesy of Ottobock)

The Next Generation Of Microprocessor-Controlled Knee Joints Is Here

So, the cat is out of the bag and the wait is over. Ottobock is presenting the next generation of its microprocessor-controlled knee joints at OT World in Leipzig, which started yesterday: The Genium X4. As part of the preparations for the launch, I had the opportunity to test the knee before the market launch. I will be reporting on my first impressions and how the Genium X4 performs in everyday use here on the blog in the coming weeks. However, I would like to share the great photos that were taken as part of the campaign with you now.


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Lots Of New Functions And All In All A Very Smooth Walking Experience

As I said, there will be a more detailed report on the new knee in the coming weeks. But here are a few details about some of the new functions (and if you want to find out more about the Genius X4, you can find all the information you need here).


Based on proven Genium OPG (Optimized Physiological Walking) technology and robustness, the prosthesis sets new standards in terms of performance. The functions of the new knee joint include optimized upward walking, a start-to-walk function, improved stance phase support and dynamic backward walking. They are designed to enable an exceptional smooth walking experience, whether users are navigating through tight spaces or crowds, riding an escalator, pulling open a heavy door with a backward step, wading through water, walking along the beach or hiking. Then there is the new intuitive cycling mode: Without having to activate MyMode, the joint automatically recognizes the beginning and end of the pedal movement and adjusts the resistance in real time.


The Genium X4 has a battery life of up to five days and is offered with a wide range of cover options to replicate the natural shape of the leg. These can be exchanged and customized by the users themselves. 


You can already find more inspiration on the various social media channels under #WhatsYourNextMove. 



See The New Genium X4 In Action

Beitrag von Bjoern Eser, dem Gründer von und Macher hinter The Active Amputee.



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