New cooperation with ALPS® South

ALPS South products are designed to inspire people to live an active life (picture courtesy of ALPS South).
ALPS South products are designed to inspire people to live an active life (picture courtesy of ALPS South).

Great Products For An Active Life Style

 I am happy to announce a new partnership with ALPS® South, a liner specialist from the United States of America. Over the coming weeks, you will hear more about the products and services offered by this amazing company, you will get to know some of its ambassadors, and you will see the ALPS South products in action. 


So let me hand the stage over to ALPS® South.


Advertisement/Paid collaboration between The Active Amputee and ALPS South

ALPS SOUTH - Liner Specialist Since 1993

ALPS® South is an American company which has been specializing in the production of prosthetic liners since 1993. Since then we have expanded globally, with offices in 5 countries, a consolidated network of agents, and over 160 trusted distributors spread out all over the world. 


Thanks to our dedication to innovation, coupled with our eagerness to interpret and even anticipate the needs of prosthetic technicians and wearers, ALPS® has gone far beyond our initial production only of prosthetic liners, and developed a whole range of high-quality prosthetic solutions, including more than 75 registered patents spanning an array of product categories. This catalogue makes it easy to access information about the entire range of ALPS® products to identify the best prosthetic solutions based on both the lifestyle and clinical profile of each individual patient.



Premium Quality 100% Made In USA

Investment in innovation, research and quality, both in terms of products and working methods, continues to be a priority here at ALPS®, allowing us to offer premium solutions. 


The entire production process, from the knitting of fabrics to the manufacturing of the liners, takes place at our St. Petersburg, Florida plant. This means we can assure maximum quality control at every step of production. In addition ALPS® guarantees the quality and safety of its products with certification from some of the most important internationally recognized authorizing institutions. ALPS® has been manufacturing FDA-approved medical devices since 1989. ALPS® products are designed and produced according to ISO13485 and GMP (Good manufacturing practice) standards, meeting the requirements of the EU regulations CEE 93/42 UE and conforming to MDR 2017/745.




“Making Lives BetterTM” is the mission which has been driving the company since 1988, inspiring our job every day and pushing us to provide superior products for you and for every prosthetics user. 


We pride ourselves on our fair business practices with customers, vendors, and employees alike, while maintaining a brand image that makes our staff, collaborators and end-users of our products all proud to be associated with ALPS®.



Guest post by Post by ALPS® South as part of a collaboration agreement. To learn more about ALPS® South, please visit the company's home page or check them out on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube


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