Mobility is not a luxury

Join ROMP during Mobility May (picture courtesy of ROMP).
Join ROMP during Mobility May (picture courtesy of ROMP).

Join ROMP's Annual Mobility Campaign

Denver, CO -- In partnership with PROTEOR, Hydro Flask and Osprey, global nonprofit Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is hosting its fifth annual "Mobility May" campaign to continue its mission of providing high-quality prosthetic care to amputees in need. Mobility May is all about celebrating our community, our mobility, and ROMP’s birthday. Participants aspire to complete 30,000 miles throughout May and raise $30,000 collectively. The funds raised will provide 20 prosthetic devices to ROMP patients. 


Every Move Counts

For their fifth annual Mobility May campaign, ROMP aims to recruit 300 people to join the free and inclusive initiative. The organization encourages the community to get mobile every day in any way they choose. Every physical activity counts! This year, participants will use the Pledge It platform to collect donations and log their activity miles manually or through Strava. The conversion rate of 10 minutes per mile will apply for activities not measured in miles. Throughout the month, ROMP will award participants prizes and use their platforms to highlight patient stories to encourage others to join the Mobility May festivities. Sponsors Hydro Flask and Osprey will provide prizes for participants.


"Mobility May is a time for our community to unite and celebrate their ability to move while helping others access this freedom," says Sydney Marshburn, Events and Outreach Manager of ROMP. "Having the opportunity to move in this capacity while raising money so that people living with amputation can gain it as well is a worthwhile approach to solving the issue of who has access to prosthetic care." 



Proteor Joins The Initiative

2023 is the first year that prosthetic manufacturer and distributor PROTEOR will sponsor ROMP's campaign. "PROTEOR is proud to sponsor this event with ROMP as it reflects our mission to create and provide innovative solutions for people who want to increase their independence and well-being," said Sharon Gwynn, Marketing Operations Manager of PROTEOR. "Their mission overlaps nicely with ours, so we are thrilled to be partnered with ROMP during Mobility May." 



Global Impact

The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is a nonprofit healthcare organization that provides high-quality prosthetic care to those without access. After receiving prosthetic care, patients aim to return to their families and communities as productive, healthy individuals. Mobility campaigns, like Mobility May, help ROMP raise funds necessary to carry out its mission. "We are in a unique position to leverage our own mobility to help amputees receive the prosthetic treatment and technology that they need to redefine their potential," says David Krupa, co-founder and Executive Director of ROMP. "Every mile you complete and every dollar you fundraise can help change a life!" 



ROMP Needs You!

Join or Support ROMP’s 5th Annual Mobility May here:



ROMP Media Contact And Supporters

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Proteor, an independent family-company, was established 105 years ago with its headquarters in Dijon, France. Proteor operates in the O&P market with three key areas of activities: software’s, components and custom-made devices. Thanks to continuous investments in innovation, many medical and scientific partnerships, and day to day cooperation with CPOs, Proteor enjoys a recognized expertise all over the O&P community. For additional information visit



Hydro Flask, a brand of Helen of Troy Limited, was founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon. The leader of award-winning double-wall insulated bottles, All AroundTM Tumblers, and leakproof caps and lids, HydroFlask delivers high-performance insulated gear to help people enjoy what they like to do in the places they like to be. Its lightweight, insulated soft coolers, the Day EscapeTM and Carry-OutTM series, combine affordable durability with best-in-class insulation technology. Hydro Flask aims to leave the world a better place through its giving programs such as Parks for All, and via its goal to eliminate single use plastics and #RefillForGood. To learn more about Hydro Flask, its brand initiatives and award-winning products, visit



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Post by Bjoern Eser, the founder of and shaker and maker behind The Active Amputee. 



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