Marsha Danzig passed away

A tragic loss for our community: Marsha Danzig died of Covid19 in early January 2022
A tragic loss for our community: Marsha Danzig died of Covid19 in early January 2022

Marsha Danzig, 1962-2022

The year started with a huge loss for the global amputee community. Marsha Danzig passed away. Marsha has been a pioneer when it comes to yoga for amputees as well as general healthy for mind, body, and soul for people with limb differences. Her classes as well as her book ‚Yoga for Amputees‘ have been an invitation to so many of us to start our journey towards - in Marsha’s words - what amputees want :“Physical freedom, a relaxed psyche, and a feeling of calm in the face of uncertainty.” 


Marsha Will Be Missed

Unfortunately I never met Marsha in person. But over the years we have been in contact, on and off. In December 2020 she talked about her book on my podcast (here is the link to the episode). And more recently we started exploring opportunities for further collaborations between The Active Amputee and Marsha to bring Yoga to a new audience; maybe through a mini series of simple exercises on the blog.  


As I cannot speak from my own experience, I would like to cite from Marsha’s Facebook page, where tributes have been pouring in in recent weeks.


Jennifer Mazzucco: „Marsha, you lived such a beautiful full vibrant life - I only wish I got to know you better… I will always cherish the moments I got to see you shine in our art classes.“


Kiera Roche: „I woke up to some heartbreaking news this morning, that the beautiful, giving and talented Marsha Therese Danzig died from Covid-19. Marsha was an incredible yoga teacher who supported the amputee community, wrote the LimbPower Yoga resources and a book about yoga for amputees. Marsha was vaccinated and boosted and exercised every day. This is a huge loss to our community and to Marsha’s family. Rest in peace beautiful angel.“


Lucy Lomax: „Marsha was an amazing woman who survived childhood cancer, leg amputation, kidney failure, and a kidney transplant. She was one of the smartest, most caring and loving people I’ve ever known. The yoga world has lost one of the most talented, empathetic, and creative teachers of accessible and amputee yoga.”


Jivana Heyman: “I’m heartbroken to hear about the passing of the amazing Marsha Danzig. . . . She had a profound understanding of the body, dance and movement, and a special skill at connecting with our hearts.”


Aristotle Todd Domingo: “I am in disbelief and beyond heartbroken to learn of the passing of a dear friend, an amazing, gracious, and constant motivator and mentor to me. She was the one who showed me the way to yoga again and gave me confidence in the practice when I thought I’d never do yoga after experiencing limb loss. The community and the world has lost one of its amazing people. You will be remembered by many, and your work will live on.”



Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.


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