Preparing for the next big amputee outdoor adventure

Quality time out in the hills: Father and Son amputee outdoor adventures.
Quality time out in the hills: Father and Son amputee outdoor adventures.

Micro Adventures Out In The Wild

The days are getting longer, the nights less chilly and nature is in transformation. Fresh green grass covers the hills, the shrubs and trees have started to blossom and with a few days off over Easter this sounds like the perfect opportunity to head back into the hills. This time with my little son, who has been asking for weeks when we would finally take our tent out into the wild. „Well, Jonah, Easter it is and we are off for a few nights out in the tent!“


The Brecon Beacons Are An Outdoor Paradise

If you have followed my blog for a while - or any of my social media channels, that is - you know that I am an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hill walking and hiking. This hasn’t changed when I became an above knee amputee. In fact, I think this passions grew after my amputation as it was one of the first activities I took up again when leaving the hospital. Something that allowed me to be out in nature, getting used to my new life as an amputee, practicing new walking skills and slowly pushing my limits.


Over the years I have expanded my reach. The walks got longer, more demanding, carrying more gear, venturing into more difficult terrain. Sometimes with others, sometimes alone. I love it to take on new challenges, pushing myself to the limits. And while it would be a lie to say that I always enjoy these adventures when I am in the midst of them, some of my best memories are about this feeling when I have pushed through a tough walk, managed to summit a peak to enjoy the stunning view from the top or maneuvered myself over difficult terrain without too much damage to my body and my prosthetic devices. 


But my walks don’t have to be big and spectacular. They don’t have to take me to the four corners of the world. I enjoy my little adventures right here in front of my doorstep. Especially as my little recently started joining me more regularly. So over the Easter break we disappeared into the Brecon Beacons for a few days. What an amazing outdoor playground. Only s short drive from home and yet remote enough to feel out in the wild. Some quality time for the two of us. And some taster for the weeks to come.



Time To Plan The Next Big Adventure

Since Christmas I have been working on a new project. Another outdoor adventure. Out in mother nature. On foot. And while the details are still in the making, here is a little sneak preview. The basic idea is simple. I will walk - parts of - four long distance walks in four different countries during the four seasons of the year. As I said, I am still in the planning stage, working on the details and seeing how to coordinate this new project with my other commitments, my family and work life. But I am sure I will find a way. And I will make sure I keep you in the loop.



Time To Start Testing New Knees

Another reason why I still need some time before this new project can move to the starting line is the simple fact that at the moment my prosthesis is broken. As my leg is nearing the end of it’s lifespan it’s time to start thinking about what knee to get next. It’s time to start looking around what is on the market and what is most likely to meet my needs and expectations. So I am very happy to have the chance to soon start testing a few options. Some fancy high tech end-of-the-line micro-processor models, some mechanical workhorses. Exciting times. And yet another good excuse to get out into nature. Explore the hills. And celebrate National Walking Month 2019. 


While the knee trials over the coming weeks are first and foremost for me to get to know these prosthetic devices before making my purchasing decision, it will also be a great opportunity to share my experiences and my findings with you. I will let you know how the knees will perform in various terrains, what are their pros and cons and which knee might be best suited for which activity level.



Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee. 

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