New partnership with ANATOMIC STUDIOS

Some of the people behind the amazing covers from ANATOMIC STUDIOS in Malmö/Sweden (picture courtesy of ANATOMIC STUDIOS)
Some of the people behind the amazing covers from ANATOMIC STUDIOS in Malmö/Sweden (picture courtesy of ANATOMIC STUDIOS)


I am immensely happy to announce that The Active Amputee has teamed up with ANATOMIC STUDIOS in Malmö/Sweden. ANATOMIC STUDIOS produces amazing prosthetic covers and we have been in contact on and off for the last five years. The work of the ANATOMIC STUDIOS founders Emelie and Christian and their team has been featured in this blog back on 2018, Emelie has been on the podcast in 2020, and we explored ways to deepen our collaboration during my visits to Sweden in the summer of 2022. 


As part of this new collaboration, there will be more information about how prosthetic covers are designed, produced, and customized for individual customers. There will be detailed insights about how the advances in 3D printing processes has directly impacted on the confidence with which amputees wear their prosthetic devices and stand proud and strong. And there will be more talks exciting new developments in this field and what this might mean for people affected by limbless.


But before we dive into the details over the next coming months, I want you to meet the team of ANATOMIC STUDIOS. For this first get-together, I asked them to choose their favorite model from among the wide range of prosthetic covers by ANATOMIC STUDIOS and tell us why it's special to them. So, here are their top picks. Enjoy!


Advertisement/Paid collaboration between The Active Amputee and ANATOMIC STUDIOS


Emelie, Co-founder & creative director

"My absolute favourite is the ARMOUR-design from our Statement collection. I love the combination of the detailed, airy net pattern and the solid block segments that together create a sense of symmetry, as well as how the lines in the design connect in the sides and transitions the pattern from the front over to the back of the cover. I also love how different colors really can transform the style of this design – from edgy and badass to sophisticated and stylish."

Christian, Co-founder & prosthetist

"My top pick is the APEX-design from our Sporty collection. It’s cool and stylish, but most of all I really love the addition of the textile string in the back. It gives a fashion feel and I also like the possibility to change the string and in that way being able to vary the color combination of the cover in a simple way."

Isak, Product & software development

"I love the MESH-design from our Casual collection because of its elegant combination of repetition and variation. For each piece, we generate a unique pattern that stands out, but it can at the same time also be a discrete design that works for all occasions of life. The fact that you can see the prosthesis through the holes is also a detail I appreciate!"

Naemi, Product engineering & graphics

"My choice is the PRISM-design from our Statement collection, especially in the color Steel Grey because it’s so damn cool in different lights. The whole design takes on a life of its own and it's hard to take your eyes off it! I also think it fits really well in several different contexts - I would wear it both for everyday, to fancy dinners and when I work out."

Felix, 3D-print & CAD-technician

"I really like the ID-design in flexible material from our Sporty collection - it gives an expression of sportiness and personality, and of course I would choose to have my initials ‘FK’ on the back of the cover too! I’d especially choose the color Grass Green because it’s my favorite color and it would go very well with many of my tattoos that are in the same green tone."

Post by Bjoern Eser, the founder of and shaker and maker behind The Active Amputee.


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