From paragliding accident to happy amputee

After years of pain, Chris is enjoying his life again (picture courtesy of Chris Olivier)
After years of pain, Chris is enjoying his life again (picture courtesy of Chris Olivier)

Meet The Team: Chris

I have joined hands with Chris from South Africa so that together we will be able to offer even more information and inspiration to an even wide variety of people with limb differences. As you will hear more from Chris over the coming months, I thought it's time I introduce him to you officially. 


A Paraglding Accident Changed My Life

I am from Cape Town, South Africa, where I practice as a counsellor assisting, amongst others, amputees and disabled individuals. In my practice I work interpersonally, and two years ago I expanded to doing online counselling as well.


I had a paragliding accident in 2000 after which I struggled with a badly damaged leg for 4 years. Eventually, in 2004, I elected to amputate due to on going pain and infection, as well as dealing very limited mobility. This was the best decision I made, subsequent to the amputation my life has gradually improved. Since 2018 there has been a drastic improvement due to a change in prosthetist and the prosthetic equipment I now use.


I am an amateur documentary videographer and photographer, and I regularly post video’s to my You Tube channel - The Amped Life with Chris - where I share my experiences, suggestions, and general thoughts on living life as an amputee.


Today I can truly claim to be a happy amputee with quality of life I never imagined possible a few years ago. It is my aim to share how this came about with my fellow amputees, and to give back the care and support I continue to receive from others.



Guest post by Chris Olivier. Chris is a very active above knee amputee from Stellenbosch in South Africa. He jus a counsellor and life coach. Chris is very active on Instagram and runs an amazing resource channel on Youtube called The Amped Life with Chris.