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A passion for improved prosthetics  (picture courtesy of Daisy Luo)
A passion for improved prosthetics (picture courtesy of Daisy Luo)

Your Chance To Get Involved

I am a great fan of evidence-based action. No matter if you are trying to influence policies affecting the lives of people with disabilities or if you want to push research and development efforts for better prosthetic equipment - it all depends on sound data and reliable information. So every once in a while I team up with researchers, academic institutions, campaigners and representatives from the industry and support their research initiatives to inform future policy and improve current practice. Today I would like to invite you to participate in the ‚Physical Activity and Adaptive Sports Equipment for Assessment in Quality of Life in Amputees’ research project by Daicy Luo.


Physical Activity And Adaptive Sports Equipment

Hi, I am Daicy Luo and currently I am a graduate student at the Orthotics and Prosthetics Master’s Program at California State University. Prior to attending school, I worked with many individuals with chronic conditions ranging from Type II Diabetes to Chronic Kidney Disease. I was passionate about these individuals being able to find the drive and resources to not only improve their health, but also return to a quality of life they once had before and to regain autonomy. Needless to say, when thinking about my research project as a graduate student of Orthotics and Prosthetics I found my topic easily and wanted to do something on physical activity, adaptive sports equipment, and quality of life for individuals with limb loss/amputation. And I would like to invite you to be a part of it. 


My research involves a survey that can take 10-15 minutes, discussing topics from basic demographics to activity to how you feel day to day. To take the survey, you must be an individual living with limb loss(es)/amputation(s), must be able to read and understand the English language, and 18 years or older, regardless of your current activity levels. You do not have to have been active or participating in lots of physical activities before taking this survey.


If this is of interest to you, the link to the google form is here (you will be directed to a Google form page). No identifying data will be recorded. Research collection will end sometime in October. Since this is a smaller scale study, my hope is I would be helpful to conduct an even larger study when I transition to a residency next year and continue to be an advocate for my patients.



Daicy is a current graduate student at the Orthotics and Prosthetics Master’s Program at California State University, Dominguez Hills in the US. She has an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Davis and is passionate about working with individuals with chronic conditions, focusing on patient-centered care as well as improving their health through activity. She currently volunteers at adaptive sports events in the local Southern California area.