People with disabilities around the world are killing it

Vasu Sojitra, professional athlete
Vasu Sojitra, professional athlete

Being Different Is The New Normal

Identify your next goal, think about possible ways to get there, break them down into doable chunks and just give it a go. Strongly believe that you can do it. Forget about norms and expectations, about the so-called normal. Be proud of your difference as it’s these differences that make this world such a colourful and awesome place. And you will see: A door opens to a completely new world way beyond your wildest imaginations. 


People With Disabilities From Around The World Are Killing It

Three videos that help me to push my limits. All of them resonate with me, each one in a very different way. And I thought maybe they resonate with you, too. Maybe they help you to set a new goal, work out how to get there, make it a reality. Maybe they can help you to break the norm and defy expectations. Let our differences be the new normal.


Vasu Sojitra: Out On A Limb

Josh Senior: An Extra Step

Spencer West: Walking Kilimanjaro on my Hands

Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.