The Active Amputee Weekend Edition - #thehappyamputee

"Running makes me happy!" (picture courtesy of Todd Domingo)
"Running makes me happy!" (picture courtesy of Todd Domingo)

What Makes You Happy As An Amputee?

I asked you all „What makes you happy as an amputee?“. And within minutes the answers came flowing in. Here they are.



„I hope I will get a smart knee. It should make me happy.“ @yangnebula


„Visiting historical sites.“ @jozyk73


„Good parking spot.“ @joyfaith02


„Taking my legs iff after achieving my day’s goals.“ @crazy3amp


„When I do something people don’t think I can do in my own. The look on their faces is amazing. But what will make me happiest is getting a leg.“ @chatmuji


„Making the dream of living life without limits despite missing limbs come true for amputees.“ @feetofgrace


„Oddly enough…running. Or when I#m leading my amputee group doing activities.“ @amput_o


„I love being an amputee.“ @joyfaith02


„No stinky shoes.“ @miki.jovanovic


„No chub chub.“ @maviesanslimite


„No more pain! And no more snap, crackle, and pop in a foot that was beyond repair or any hope of restored function. I’m active and

happy again!“ @glennmeurer


Thank you all so much for sharing what makes you happy as an amputee.


Post by Bjoern Eser. Bjoern is the founder of The Active Amputee.