The Active Amputee Weekend Edition - Impression from Nepal

Kathmandu is a good place for any street food fan
Kathmandu is a good place for any street food fan

Rewarding Days in Kathmandu

I am a regular visitor to Nepal and I just came back from my 13th journey in the last eight years. And I still can’t get enough of this country, its people, its culture. As an amputee Nepal isn’t the easiest country to travel. But it isn’t the hardest either. And if you are willing to give it a go, you will be rewarded with an amazing time. Even if you only stay within the Kathmandu valley, you can easily fill a week’s itinerary with an exciting mixture of world heritage sites and stunning nature. Nepalis are immensely friendly. Hospitality is genuine and you are welcome with open arms. Yes, Kathmandu is very touristy, but at the same time Nepal’s capital is an authentic city with its very own culture, its very own charm. There is so much to explore and little gems can be found everywhere, sometimes only a few steps off the main tourist hubs. The earthquake has damaged - and partly destroyed - much of the city’s historic architecture, but the old temples and palaces are being rebuilt at the moment.


Here are a few impressions from around the city. Enjoy. And feel encouraged to visit this beautiful country soon.

Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.