The Active Amputee Weekend Edition - 15 amazing amputee Instagram accounts

Martin Heald, current British paraclimbing champion and a member of the England amputee football team.
Martin Heald, current British paraclimbing champion and a member of the England amputee football team.

15 Amazing Instagram Accounts

There are plenty of accounts from amputees on Instagram. Some of them really amazing, inspirational in so many ways. Here is my top 15 of personal accounts. Each of these stories resonates with me. All of them have moved me in one way or another, left a deep and lasting impression or motivated me to try something new. So I thought I share them with you. Have a look. They are amazing.   


My Top 15

Dani Burt: Above knee amputee, motorcycle accident survivor, doctor of physical therapy, adaptive surfing champion. - more here 


Mike Coots: Below knee amputee, shark attack survivor, diver, shark advocate. - more here 


Mo Beck: One-handed climber and mountain enthusiast. - more here 


Kyle Maynard: Quadruple amputee, martial arts athlete, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics. - more here 


Erin Ball: Double below knee amputee, circus and aerial artist. - more here 


Vinicios Sardi: Double lower limb amputee, skater. - more here 


Mama Caxx: Above knee amputee, blogger, model, speaker. - more here


Dave Klar: Above knee amputee, outdoor enthusiast, rock climber. - more here 


Life With Inspiration: Below knee amputee, nature lover. - more here 


Chad Jukes: Below knee amputee, veteran, adventurer, climbed Mt. Everest. - more here


Live without Limbs: Below knee amputee, raises amputee awareness, outdoor lover, mountain hiking, running, biking. - more here 


Martin Heald: Cancer survivor, above knee amputee, member of British paraclimbing and English amputee football team. - more here 


Kanya Sesser: Double above knee amputee, skater, surfer, model, actress. - more here 


Cameron Clapp: Double below knee amputee, right arm amputee, adventurer, athlete, motivational speaker. - more here


Svetlana Churakova: Upper limb amputee, model. - more here 


Post by Bjoern Eser, the creator of The Active Amputee.