Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month 2021

April 1

 April is limb loss awareness month. And so over the next 30 days, I will provide you with your daily dose of information, inspiration, and opportunities to get engaged in activities - all around the issue of limb loss, limb difference, and creating a community. 

April 2

Walking is great - even for people with a lower limb difference. No matter if a stroll in the local part or a multi-day trek through the Pyrenees. Modern prosthetic devices, good shoes, and some high-quality trekking poles mixed in with a bit of training and a confident 'I can do this' attitude is all you need. If you want to learn more about how to get started with hiking as an amputee, check out the numerous articles on this blog. And here is one to get you started: Hiking Poles - The  Best Thing Since Slices Bread. And another one talking about gear: Hiking as an Above-Knee Amputee

April 3

It's been four years to this very day that I hit the 'publish' button on the first three articles and put them out there for people to read. By the end of the day I had about 20 visitors to my name, most of them family and friends. A humble start, but I was brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. And so an incredible journey started. Now - four years, 175+ articles, 20 podcast episodes, the on-and-off Youtube video, and countless peer consultations later - the project is doing well and keeps me busy (as I run The Active Amputee in my spare time). So, here is to you, The Active Amputee: "Happy birthday and all the best!"

April 4


Prosthetic devices have moved out of the 'boring and functional' corner and into the limelight. They now look cool. And with an ever-increasing range of prosthetic covers, you also have the opportunity to personalize your prosthesis and express your style. Here are some articles to get you started: Pimp my Prosthesis and Amazing Prosthetic Covers by ALLELES.

April 5

Climbing is an amazing sport. Full stop. No matter if you are into bouldering or top-roped routes at a local climbing wall, prefer pre-bolted sport routes outdoors or love the thrill of proper multi-pitch trad climbing or a deep-water solo, the sport has something for everybody. And I mean everybody, no matter if you are able-bodied (what ever that is) or not. Here is a simple 10-step-guide to get into this amazing sport.

April 6

Patrice Méaume - who passed away in late 2019 - was an amazing graphic designer who challenger stereotypes and widely-held beliefs. He was one of a number of artists who moved issues around limb differences centre-stage and into the spotlights. And he was personally affected by limb loss and made his golden prosthetic hand his trademark. Here is an article about Patrice.

April 7

Erin Ball is an amazing performing artist from Canada with a wicked sense of humor. A double amputee herself, she runs a circus school. Here is an article about Erin.

April 8

It's great to have amputee dad. Yes, there are limitations when you are an amputee. And being around active kids often points them out. but many of them are a matter of attitude and can be overcome with a bit of creativity and a trial-and-error approach. And the other limitations just have to be accepted. It's as simple as that. Here is an article about being an amputee dad.

April 9

Do a search on books by people with a limb difference and you will be surprised by the amount of titles out there. From biographies to adventure books, from travel writing to self-help, from yoga guides to comic books. Here is an article about five of these books.

April 10

Yes, The Active Amputee continues to grow as a resource hub for people with a limb difference. Next to the original blog - with more than 170 articles - there is also a podcast show. Here is a link to the show on all your favorite pod catchers.

April 11

Infotainment at its best: There are amazing TED-talks by amputees out there. Informative, thought-provoking, funny, and life-affirming. Here are some of my personal top picks.

April 12

Summer is coming and with the warmer days there are more opportunities to be active as an amputee. Kayaking is an ideal outdoor activity for lower limb amputees. Give it a try and see for yourself. Or read this article first.


April 13

More ideas to be active in, on, and around the water. No matter your limb difference, there is something for all of us. For example surfing, as Dani's story proves. 

April 14

Living an active and rewarding life as an amputee. Here are some impressions what my life is all about.

April 15

 There is an ever-increasing number of children's books that talk about limb loss, disability, and inclusion. And that's the way it should be. Here is a great example about Mosha The Amputee Elephant.

April 16

There is a global community of people affected by limb loss and limb differences. And the members of this community are immensely supportive of each other. It's encouraging to see how people from all around the globe connect for mutual support, peer mentoring, and the sharing of life hacks on issues related to their limb difference and beyond.

April 17

Finally available: A simple charging device for micro-processor knees that connects to a normal power bank. That is a game changer for many active amputees as it allows us to be off the beaten track for longer stretches at a time. Here are some first impressions about the charging device.

April 18

More and more people with a limb difference work as models, address stereotypes, and shift public perception. More and more agencies open up. Chaos.Cat, amputee model and tattoo artist from Duisburg/Germany is a great example. Here is an article by Chaos.Cat.

April 19

Today it's time for you to tell us all about your favorite charity or support organization. Head over to The Active Amputee, click on the 'Leave a voice message' button on the right of the page, record your recommendation, and send it off to me. I will compile your tips and share them on social media as well as through my podcast. Thank you already for helping us to share this important information among members of the limb loss and limb difference community.

April 20

Embarking on a longer journey as an amputee can be intimidating. Taking your first long-haul flight or your first trip to an unknown location often demands special preparations for people with a disability. But don't let this put you off traveling. There are special resource pages out there with plenty of tested advice. And don't be afraid to ask around in the limb-difference community. Many of us are seasoned globetrotters and are always willing to share our knowledge. Here is more travel advice.

April 21

Sepsis is a major cause for limb loss. When a patient suffers from sepsis, excessive blood clots slow the flow of blood throughout the body, leading to severe tissue damage often resulting in an amputation. Here is the story of Wendi, a sepsis survivor and mother of three.